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Your Credit Score Should Have Perks

"6 Months, Up 83 Points!"

Renee - January 2022

"My credit score has gone up over 100 points since I started 6 months ago!"

Brenda - February 2022

"It's better than I expected. I qualified for a mortgage."

Louise - October 2021

Wildman's ADR Credit Repair  — Your Journey to a Higher Credit Score

Everyone deserves a more fulfilling and happy financial life. You'll love Wildman's ADR Firm, a credit repair community that strives to help you cultivate better credit. Plus, Wildman's ADR Firm gives you more control, so you can improve your credit score and make it better and better.

Here's what a step-by-step Do-it-Yourself credit repair strategy can do for you...

Increase Your Savings

Save money on security deposits for phone and utility accounts.

Get Approved

Experience a better chance of loan and credit approval.

Lower Interest Rates

Enjoy lower interest rates on loans and credit cards.

Increase Your Score

Increase your credit score, increase your borrowing capacity.

Feel More Secure

Enjoy more negotiating power and access to the credit you need.

Get Qualified

Get qualified for apartments and home loans.

Why Choose Wildman's ADR Credit Repair 

How it Works

There's no need to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a credit repair agency. Repairing your credit can be done from the comfort of your home by following our step-by-step comprehensive DIY credit repair process.

You'll Save Money

Save money when financial stress is already high.

You'll Avoid Scams

Avoid unscrupulous companies that mislead consumers.

You'll Have Control

You’re giving yourself a lesson on how credit repair works.

Take control of your number and crack the 700 point threshold.

Credit Repair


Credit Repair


Anyone who has bad credit would be doing themselves a favor by doing their own credit repair. Not just because of the money savings, but also because of the credit education you get.


Let us take care of your credit repair may sound like a lot of work, and it can be — but bad credit impacts every area of your life so putting in the effort to improve your credit is worth it.

Get our DIY credit repair guide today!

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Take Control

Credit Rebuilding


Everyone knows how to pay bills on time to get a higher credit score. That’s obvious. But Wildman's Credit Repair aims to gives you more control over your 3-digit number and help you crack the 700-point threshold.

Order your copy of the Her Credit 700+ Challenge Guide and start rebuilding your credit today!

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Good credit isn't a dream, it's a reality.

Image by Parker Johnson

Building credit is a good financial decision.

It's possible to take your score from good to great.

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Build better credit to build a better future.

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Join thousands of people who are breaking the credit score threshold.


Join thousands of people who are joining the VIP side of credit.

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